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2084 Rust Remover Brush On

2084 Rust Remover Brush On
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Rust Remover. Brush on version. Wipe or wash off, 5 Gallon
NZ $1,146.86
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Zerust® AxxaClean™ 2048 is a fast-acting and nonhazardous* rust and tarnish remover. It rapidly removes light to medium corrosion even in cracks and crevices. Cleaned surfaces are free of black-carbon residue and resistant to flash-corrosion.

Zerust AxxaClean 2048 cleans ferrous metals, brass, copper and various alloys of rust and tarnish. AxxaClean 2048 has a pH of about 2.5, similar to a soda drink, making it simple to use and minimising disposal hassles. AxxaClean 2048 comes in multiple delivery forms; Immersion, Spray-On, and Brush-On. Surfaces treated with Zerust AxxaClean 2048 are protected from flash-rust or re-tarnishing for several days in a controlled environment. Cleaned and dried items can be immediately painted or welded.

For optimum results with AxxaClean 2048, rinse cleaned items with a solution of AxxaVis™ PX-05AN acid neutraliser and dry thoroughly with filtered compressed air. For corrosion prone metals like cast iron, use a Zerust rust preventative such as Z-Maxx™, Axxanol™ or Axxatec™ product. For additional corrosion protection or protection beyond one year, use Zerust VCI packaging films and papers.

The thick viscosity of AxxaClean 2048 Brush-On product is easy to apply and clings to vertical surfaces, making rust removal quicker and with less mess.  
Attributes AxxaClean 2048
Corrosion Removal Power Medium corrosion, even in cracks and crevices
Speed Moderate
Metals Treated Ferrous, Brass, Copper
Application Methods Brush On
pH Level Mild acidic pH of about 2.52
Temperature for Use 21 Celsius or above
Compatibility (<24 hour soak) Safe for metals*, paint, gaskets, rubber, plastics
Post-Cleaning Action Do not let product dry on surface.  Recommend DI or RO water rinse.  Wipe off and dry well.
Corrosion Protection Provides flash-corrosion protection in controlled environments
Shelf Life and Handling 2yrs when stored out of sunlight and in original packaging

*Test before use on zinc and cadmium.  Check with us for details.

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